Alicea Davis is a spoken word poet, author and artist who began writing poetry in her childhood, and has been successfully creating work for over 25 years. Her mind shifting creativity inspires inner healing and racial reconciliation. Davis has been named one of nine women making black history. As the founder of the “March Forth” Movement, she established a new racial healing holiday in her city, Pontiac, MI, because the date commands us to “March Forth” towards unity. Davis has been named one of nine women making Black History in 2019 She is listed on PeopleMaven’s List of Fantastic Public Speakers. The Detroit-native has had her powerful poetic performances featured on a variety of television shows, radio shows, college campuses, public schools, church events and more.

She is the founder of F.O.R. (Friends of Reconciliation, Inc.), a faith-based nonprofit organization committed to aiding Southeast Michigan and America in achieving racial reconciliation in our lifetime!

Her first book, The Sky is NOT the Limit: A Book Of Empowering Poetry, is a compilation of her thought-provoking poetry which inspires its readers to transition from the darkness of fear into the light of trust in multiple areas of life, it encourages the exploration of one’s infinite potential. Alicea’s words creatively express her passion for human progress and challenges others to embrace their unique individuality.

Davis has recently released her second book, From Hatred To Healing: Eight Racial Reconciliation Poems. This body of work offers much hope as it takes readers on a journey of healing from racial hatred. From having toxic anger due to social injustices to having a heart for racial reconciliation. Readers are moved by Davis’ courageous resolutions that lead her to inner peace. This powerful chapbook can help to positively change one’s heart and perspective as well as improve race relations in America.

Alicea is a talented visual artist that creates spiritual abstract and symbolic images. Her powerful illustrations and original concepts communicate deep truths and emotions that words alone cannot convey. She often incorporates her inspirational images into her soul touching spoken word performances.

She currently resides in Pontiac, MI with her wonderful husband, Ben and her happy bunny rabbit, Glendale. She is a devoted member at Auburn Hills Christian Center.


"God knows the most intimate details of your pain and He can empower you to become who you were created to be."

-Alicea Davis

When Davis performs her spoken word poetry she exudes passion, power and purpose!

Alicea Davis provides poetic keynotes on the following topics:

  • Racial Reconciliation - A refreshing perspective on how America can heal and unify as a nation!

  • Inner Healing and Empowerment - Be inspired to overcome deep pain and crippling trauma in order to thrive through life!

  • The Sky Is NOT The Limit - Davis inspires others to launch out towards life’s infinite possibilities, but more importantly, she promotes a great sense of one’s individual purpose.



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